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Let’s spread a little sunshine with school supplies.

Kids Pay It Forward is a new, year-round program that gives children and teens the volunteer opportunity to run a Drive and collect backpacks and new school supplies for students from underserved communities around the Bay Area. 

Why year-round? 

Just like your kids run out of paper and pens during the school year. these children do too. By collecting new school supplies year-round, kids can help restock students from underserved communities mid-year through the Student Restock program with a School Success Kit filled with the tools they need to keep up and do their work.

Why the kids you know should get involved:

  • Reduces screen time
  • Gets them excited about their own return to school
  • Provides the chance to do good and help their community which can set them on a course that they’ll embrace the rest of their lives
  • Perfect Scout, family, or group project that keeps them engaged and promotes caring 
  • Empowers them to share what they have learned with their peers 
  • If you have a high-school-aged child, this can count toward their required -community service hours

Provides YOU with teachable moments about:

  • Compassion, kindness, volunteerism - caring for others in the community
  • Cost of goods and working within a budget and shows what it costs for you to buy their supplies for school
  • Challenges faced by other students and how they can help and make a difference
  • Diversity, equality, inclusion, and racial justice

Ways to participate:

  • Collect new pencils, rulers, markers, paper, etc. through a School Supply Drive using this specific list of school supplies
  • Run a filled backpack collection Drive in the neighborhood, calling on neighbors using our backpack tags
    • Your kids can write up and practice their “sales pitch”
  • Run a filled backpack Drive targeting the age group or grade they are in themselves with friends and/or classmates using our backpack tags
    • Your kids can create their own posters and flyers to promote their Drive (a poster design and other promotional art is provided too)
  • Set up a “shopping spree” group event at a store where school supplies and backpacks are sold 
  • Online-only campaign to promote and manage
    • A peer-to-peer fundraising page provided for September-April
    • Promote their Drive on Instagram or the social site(s) of their choice

New school supplies can be collected at any time during the year so if your kids want to get involved and stay involved, there’s plenty to do and thousands of students to help!

Check out all the other resources we've created to help you... and the kids you know.

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