Lead a Drive

Make a Difference!

Leading a Drive is a fun and rewarding way to support others and get friends, family and/or colleagues involved in empowering, uplifting, and uniting the community. Become a Drive Leader and support our Back-to-School Drive, Holiday Wish Drive, or both. A Drive Leader is Family Giving Tree’s main contact and the key to each Drive’s success. 

Role of a Drive Leader

As a Drive Leader, you will…

  • Register your group for each Drive

  • Facilitate donations and participation within your group by posting backpack tags or wish cards in a well-traveled area or distributing them to friends and colleagues or hosting a customizable Virtual Giving Tree (VGT), or both.

  • Collect and deliver the donated backpacks and/or gifts to Family Giving Tree’s warehouse or, if you are using the VGT, promote your VGT to fund supply-filled backpacks. Or do both.

  • Receive priority when signing up for Family Giving Tree's in-demand warehouse volunteer shifts.

  • Have a direct impact on your own community.

Get Creative!

Since the pandemic, we've all had to get creative. So, in order to still provide tens of thousands of backpacks and gifts through the Back-to-School and Holiday Wish Drives, we went digital!

Using the Virtual Giving Tree platform, a Drive Leader can still solicit donations and "collect" donations on behalf of FGT. Through this customized giving tool you can track your progress as your team "shops" for items online and helps us deliver the tools for learning and gifts that bring joy in this ever-changing COVID environment. The option to receive or download, and print backpack tags or wish cards, and other materials to run a physical Drive is still available, so if that's the way you'd like to help your community thrive, we're here for you too.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Drive Leader please contact driveleaders@fgt.org 

Who can be a Drive Leader?  

Anyone who is part of a group—a business, school, family, social club, or friends—and wants to help children-in-need in the community can lead a Back-to-School Drive. We work with Drive Leaders every step of the way and provide all the tools needed to make each Drive a success.

Are You a Local Business in the Bay Area?

Local businesses make great Drive Leaders! You can Lead a Drive and collect donations with the help of your team and even get your supporters involved!