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Uplifting our Community with Pride - Happy Pride!

Did you know that despite just over 7% of Americans identifying as LBGTQ+, among the unhoused population, between 20% and 40% of people identify similarly? The struggle of being unhoused is an affliction that affects countless individuals worldwide. Still, within this alarming crisis, the plight of LGBTQ+ individuals remains particularly poignant. 

The Most Popular Children's Gifts over the Years

Ah, the joyous world of childhood and the ever-evolving landscape of toys that sparkled in the eyes of kids across the years. From the whimsical chirps of Tamagotchis demanding virtual care to the head-spinning phenomenon of Tickle Me Elmo, each era brought forth its own treasure trove of playthings. Join us on a nostalgic journey as we unwrap the memories of the most coveted toys, from the pixelated adventures of Game Boy to the adorable chaos of LOL Surprise! Dolls. These toys aren't just objects; they're time capsules, capturing the essence of youthful delight from the '90s to the whimsical wonders of today. So, let's dive into the toy chest of time and rediscover the magic that made growing up so much fun!


Pallet Jack Update - Thank you FGT Community!

In March, we reached out to our community with an SOS from Pallet Jack and our Programs Team. With our electric power jack on the fritz and pallet weights higher than ever, we needed reinforcements!

Agency Spotlight: A Brighter Day Youth

In celebration of women everywhere during International Women's Day, we’re focusing on empowering girls through STEM education.

Agency Spotlight: A Brighter Day Youth

It's Volunteer Appreciation Week! How much do we adore our volunteers? 🌼 Let us count the ways...🌼 

Focus on Lifting Up Teens' Self-Esteem During May

May is National Teen Self-Esteem Month, a monthlong initiative founded by the organization I Am Worth More,  designed to focus our attention on the importance of teens having a healthy outlook on themselves.