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Did you know?

  • By the 3rd grade, students from families facing financial hardship are, on average, already two years behind their peers in reading and math. Early reading proficiency has been identified as key to future success in STEAM-related subjects. When children start school unprepared, their ability to succeed in school diminishes.
  • On average, only 9% of children living under the difficulties their families face due to financial hardship will earn a college degree.
  • While the S-T-E-M aspects of learning garner most of the attention, the -A- is just as critical. Research is showing that fine arts courses help students excel in math and science. "...low-income students who had access to the arts also tended to have better academic results. The benefits of exposure to music, theatre, and dance continued throughout their lives, corresponding to better workforce opportunities and more civic engagement as well."  Read the full, short article here.

The gift of a supply-filled backpack assures that children from families struggling financially in our community begin school with the tools necessary to engage in their learning, do their homework, and succeed. Learn more about the Back-to-School Drive and how you can help here.


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Some STEAM Supplies that can often be found in retail stores

Grades K-5
counting items
flash cards - addition and subtraction
flash cards - multiplication and division
metric sets or cards
decimal /fraction cards
fraction blocks
popsicle sticks
chenille sticks
graph paper
wiki sticks
colored pencils

Grades 6-12
composition books with graph paper
mechanical pencils